September 26, 2019

Among all the technological advantages available to marketers, mobile commerce is one that professionals cannot ignored. In fact, according to a survey made by AppAnie, 75% of all ecommerce transactions will be made on mobile by 2021 and Statista predict mobile adverti...

September 24, 2019

Being a successful digital entrepreneur is the desire of many people who work on the internet, regardless of whether they are starting out now or already have experience in the online marketplace. But by taking into account that 92% of marketers advertise on Facebook,...

September 10, 2019

In today’s digital landscape, mobile marketing has become one of the most powerful tools for reaching audiences at any given time.

However, often motivated by personal beliefs, we are led to believe that a particular phrase, color, template element or format is the idea...

April 17, 2019

Ah, the much sought-after holy grail of video for user acquisition. It’s unparalleled conversion generation power is tapped by the vast majority of mobile marketers, with video ads boasting unbelievably high completion and retention rates and even more impressive share...

April 4, 2019

Maybe you had the perfect name for your app even before starting production. Or perhaps you have a fully developed and super fun mobile game peacefully lying in a virtual newborn crib, anxiously waiting to be graced with a name…

Which you have no clue how to create.


March 19, 2019

The universe is full of mysteries. And one of the biggest, most cryptic ones has got to be search engine algorithms.

While the ASO community has cracked, and is continually cracking, the complex and ever-changing variables that factor into how high or low your app ranks...

July 24, 2018

Your brand new app is ready for launch, polished to a mirror sheen after long, hard development hours. You can hardly wait to set it free into the wide, colorful world of digital app shops, but before you can do that, you need to wrap your prized brainchild into a nice...

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October 3, 2019

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October 1, 2019

Improving your marketing plans with Mobile Attribution

September 26, 2019

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