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We are a team of four audio specialists with more than 15 years of experience, ready to put some sauce on your projects. Together, we have worked on 300+ projects, including games, VR experiences, films and music albums.


We create music, sound effects, VO, and deliver audio implementation for games, VR and other multimedia platforms. Our choices are guided by a massive database, with in-game listening data from over 10 million monthly users.



We're fast. We focus on quality and budget, all while keeping an eye on the deadline. And we're completely passionate by what we do, taking care of each process to deliver the best sound quality possible.




We provide every music genre with top-notch production quality, backed up with research and data to guarantee the best fit for your product. From rock to salsa, epic orchestral blows to groovy electronic anthems, we are here for you.



We're eager to help you with your creative needs. Give us a shout for
a customized, confidential estimate. And yes, we also love hearing your
thoughts about what we've created so far!