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Secret tips for better app search rankings

The universe is full of mysteries. And one of the biggest, most cryptic ones has got to be search engine algorithms.

While the ASO community has cracked, and is continually cracking, the complex and ever-changing variables that factor into how high or low your app ranks on Google Play and App Store searches, there’s still much to be tried and discovered.

Even after going through the tried-and-true ASO guidelines, you can go the extra mile and make some final tweaks to your strategy that, while not extensively proven to be working search algorithm factors, might just give your app a valuable boost in the rankings:

1- Set up Google App Indexing!

By following the instructions here you can set up your app to be indexed by Google.com. This will make your app appear on Google search results for keywords relevant to it, which might also factor into its ranking in Google Play searches.

There’s no reason not to do it, really. If anything, it will surely help increase the visibility of your app.

2-Video is king

If you have an app on the app stores, you gotta have a video. Period.

Other than being the top-performing creatives for user acquisition, having a video displaying the main features of your app on it’s in-store product page is a best practice heavily endorsed by both Apple and Google. It’s really not a stretch to think storefront videos weigh in on store rankings.

Just one more reason for you to get those videos made! (Papprika can help!)

3- App localization

Localizing your app, at least for your key market locales, is a sure-shot way to increase your app’s value from a user-experience standpoint. No one has ever confirmed it, but it’s very reasonable to argue that a localized app will rank higher than a non-localized app for a keyword search from those locales.

4-App size

Limited bandwidth and lack of device storage space are among the most common hurdles faced by mobile app users. Keeping your app file lean and clean will definitely make your app more attractive for your audience, and so it might also give you an advantage on the war for in-store search rankings.

Knowledge is power, and it’s always worth trying new ways of optimizing your app’s performance on the app stores. What might be seen as urban legends today might be the new hot ASO trend of tomorrow, so it’s good to tinker and experiment to try and get a headstart!

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