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How to pick the perfect app name

Maybe you had the perfect name for your app even before starting production. Or perhaps you have a fully developed and super fun mobile game peacefully lying in a virtual newborn crib, anxiously waiting to be graced with a name…

Which you have no clue how to create.

Fret not. It’s perfectly understandable that, in a world of app stores governed by keyword-oriented indexation systems, complex search algorithms and whatnot, you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the weight of this decision on your app’s discoverability.

Don’t let this block your creative juices, though. Keeping things as clear and simple as possible is often the best way to make people find your app.

Whether you’re brainstorming for the perfect app name or you want to optimize an existing title, here are some quick tips to help you power-up your app’s chances of being found organically by it’s target audience:

1-Short names are good names

Keep in mind you only have 50 characters on Google Play and 30 characters on the App Store for your app name. Keywords won’t rank past that limit, and Google won’t even let you go over theirs, so go the extra mile to dream up a short and elegant name. This also helps a great deal in terms of branding, as shorter and simpler names are way more easily remembered.

2-Ban special characters from your life

You might think that adding a special character, such as a trademark symbol, will make your app title stand out, but it will actually hurt your app page SEO.

In the App Store, for instance, special characters won’t be properly recognized and your app page URL will be a mess of letters and numbers, which is the nightmare of 10 among 10 search engine optimization experts out there.

Again: keep it simple. We can’t stress this enough

3-Pick the strongest keywords

A short name will leave more characters for strong keywords, which will do wonders for your app’s ranking on the stores.

Make the absolute most of the space you have left to add the most relevant keywords to your app title. Make a list of strong terms and then cut everything but the ones that most clearly convey your app’s essence.

Which brings us to a very important topic…


Take the time to research your competition.

Going through the names of similar apps will give you many keyword ideas, and it also lets you adjust your choices to fit your marketing strategy. You might want to use recurring keywords that make a good fit with your app, or you might want to choose different ones, which are still very relevant and will also make your app stand out.

5-Mind the position

Legend has it that keywords at the start of your app title will have more weight on search rankings.

While no one has effectively proven this, you can’t can argue that the first terms of an app title are always displayed to users, regardless of screen size and configuration. In other words, if you have a particular keyword you think is absolutely crucial for your audience and you really want it to be seen, make sure to place it right after the name of the app.

Being mindful of all these tiny details might make the process of picking your app name a bit time consuming, but as ASO specialists, the Papprika team can stand behind this lengthier approach. Researching and testing is always worth it when it comes to boosting app rankings, so take your time!

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