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The secret recipe for high performance in UA videos

Ah, the much sought-after holy grail of video for user acquisition. It’s unparalleled conversion generation power is tapped by the vast majority of mobile marketers, with video ads boasting unbelievably high completion and retention rates and even more impressive share counts on social media.

The catch, and of course there’s one, is that quality video ads are more costly than other types of creatives used for UA. So how do you make sure the money you’re investing will be turned into those much needed new conversions?

Surely there’s a secret recipe for glorious video ad performance by now, right?

Well, yes and no. Good thing everyone loves a good paradox.

The truth is, you have to find your own recipe, one tailored exclusively for your audience. But no matter what app you’re crafting a video ad recipe for, one ingredient will always be needed: fresh, crunchy data.

And in order to get this data and understand exactly what resonates with your audience, there’s really one thing you must do: test, test, test.

How else could you effectively pinpoint the variables that will lead to maximum performance in your videos if not by testing as many of them as you can?

Pick apart your app and list as many features as you can that might appeal to your target audience. Your puzzle game has many brain-teasing levels, and it also has an addictive leveling mechanic and a well developed item collection side activity. These are three things you can focus on in 3 short UA videos, and then determine which one of them is the top performer with your audience.

With this first ingredient at hand, you can start inserting new variables, like different art styles, on-screen text, animations, voice-overs and a ton of other stylistic and conceptual choices. Then there’s also video length, formats, and platforms to consider. It sounds like hard work, because it is. It’s a very iterative process and there’s always a tweak to be made or some new combination of variables to consider, but the more tests you run, the closer you get to finding a way to guarantee a satisfactory performance for your video ads.

That’s a process we’ve been perfecting for years here at Papprika. We’ve created and closely measured the results of hundreds of video ads for a wide variety of mobile games, and we know a thing or two about finding an app’s strengths and turning them into ingredients for compelling videos.

It’s all about knowing your product and its audience! With time, creativity and a good deal of data analysis, that secret recipe for top performing video ads for user acquisition can definitely be discovered and perfected to make the most out of your marketing budget!

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