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The Importance of A/B Testing for Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

In today’s digital landscape, mobile marketing has become one of the most powerful tools for reaching audiences at any given time.

However, often motivated by personal beliefs, we are led to believe that a particular phrase, color, template element or format is the ideal choice for a digital marketing campaign on social networks.

In order not to waste time and money, a good digital marketing effort must have an objective analytical foundation to reinforce its selling arguments and determine the best way to make campaign optimizations.

And to help with this process, this is where the methodology known as the A / B test comes in.

But what is this A / B test?

At its core, an A / B test is a marketing experiment that counters two or more models of a given part, each sent to a portion of the total audience the company plans to reach.

Control: This is the main creative ad specified by the team.

Variation: Because you cannot assume that the control version is optimal, you create a new version that contains a distinct variation.

Such differentiation is made by considering that people react differently to each stimulus.

During the test period, the individual outcome of each model is analyzed to determine which one has the best conversion rate and which will assist in the objective to scale your user acquisition (UA) efforts.

Also, note that a common mistake when performing an A / B test lies in the production of creatives pieces with many variations among themselves. Ideally, there is only one different factor between them. This restriction will prevent other factors from altering your test results.

How to run an A / B test with your ads?

Through the algorithms in ad platforms, like Facebook, users can be delimited by segments with a few clicks. So, depending on your business purpose, you can create an ad that targets traffic, conversions, and even app downloads.

Check out some ideas on how to use Facebook's features in conjunction with A / B testing in your marketing efforts.

Ad Images

The saying goes that we should not judge a book by its cover. But when it comes to business, good looks say it all, and the first impression is often the one that sticks to consumer memory.

Studies show that colors strongly influence the buying process. So if your product's appeal is based on color, take advantage of that benefit.

Then we note that the use of people's faces, especially babies, as well as pets, tends to add to the campaign's appeal. However, keep in mind that depending on your business, the use of this type of image may be irrelevant.

Ad Texts

With the audience having more and more content popping up on their feeds, securing a spotlight and the much-desired clicks can be a tricky task.

Therefore, it is important to combine your creativity with findings provided by tests to make your campaigns on social media truly compelling.

For starters, think of your ad headline. With a recommended 25 characters, this phrase is the one that catches the audience's attention right after the image.

Then explore the importance of your product in the 30-character description. Finally, finalize your Ad objectively and clearly with the post text.

For some audiences, more direct texts, such as “Exclusive Discount Only Today,” are more effective than those that stimulate curiosity, such as “Will you miss this opportunity?”. Of course the other way around is also valid.

Do not be afraid to experiment with the tone of your communication. In A / B testing, it is better to make mistakes quickly and learn than to wait.


Natively, Facebook offers a list containing Call to Action (CtA) buttons for your campaign. With options including the classics Learn More, Buy Now and Download.

Depending on your goal, number of clicks, conversions, and other call to action KPIs can act as additional metrics for the effectiveness of your Ads.

Ad Videos

When talking about mobile marketing, it's impossible to ignore the videos. Thanks to its dynamism, this media can delight a new user in less than 15 seconds, prompting him to download your app or visit your online store.

Thus, while the control model could contain only gameplay or functionality screens of your product, the variation model could bring additional letterings to give more context.

By finding out which version is most accepted, new tests could be performed, this time testing music or voice over narrative, for example. And since testing never hurts, take the time to see if, among the champion pieces, your audience engages more with an image or video that deals with the same subject.

Interest groups

In addition to considering how people interact with your brand, consider how they use social media and what they share among friends. Through the Facebook Ads system, you can schedule a campaign to target people based on data like:

- Activities

- Apps used

- Groups followed

- Pages followed

- Location

The more knowledge you have about your audience, the better.

Count on Papprika to Leverage Your Results

Want to learn more about your brand by scaling user acquisition with A / B testing?

Papprika is at your service to help you create the best creative ads.

With our testing methodology and digital marketing expertise, your campaigns will definitely have that extra spice to stand out and perform beautifully.

Talk to one of our experts and see for yourself how a carefully cooked digital strategy always brings success.

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