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The emergence of the podcast

In terms of technology, the way we consume content has undergone a major transformation. With not enough time in the day to stay on top of all information, we set aside traditional fixed media models to increasingly look for an on-demand and always-on experience.

In this landscape, accessibility and practicality are key, and so the podcast rises to help us enjoy our time. Instead of reading a 10 minute article, we can press play and listen to the same content while jogging, taking a bath, driving or (the best part) resting in the couch.

By your powers combined, I am Captain Podcast

Borrowing the suffixes from iPod and broadcast, the podcast is a streaming content in audio format where people share information about a particular subject in a series of episodes. This recording, which can be made by a single person or with guests, is then made available to download or to be listened on web browsers or mobile devices.

One of the greatest advantages of podcasts is the amount of distribution points available for the format. It’s possible to create a site exclusively for your show, use specialized audio platforms such as SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify and many other “podcatcher” applications.

Moreover, a podcast's data consumption is much lower than that of a video. And believe it when we say that your listener will greatly appreciate the fact that they can save on their mobile plan.

Knowledge is power and garners a faithful audience

According to a survey by Podcast Insights, 51% of the US population has listened to a podcast and 80% listened to almost every episode of a podcast that they follow. In Brazil, the Study on Digital Audio shows that 62% of the population considers listening to audio as an important part of daily life and 25% follows at least one podcast.

In addition, these loyal listeners, whether monthly, biweekly or daily, are known to have content, entertainment and audio quality as influences when deciding to follow a podcast.

By providing relevant and specialized content, a podcast gives you the opportunity to reach an untapped segment of your audience. It also offers the chance to create a deeper connection with your existing audience.

No wonder podcasting has become one of the strongest trends not only in 2019 but also for the future of marketing.

Get your voice out there

When you decide to start your own podcast, remember that you don’t necessarily need to be an expert in sound design.

There are many quality microphones available to buy at a reasonable price (from condensers to dynamics) that will serve you well.

Also, in general, as podcasts doesn't require much complexity for recording and editing, you can start by putting some tracks in Audacity (an open source software), play with some of its effects and launch your first episode in no time.

Moreover, as time goes by, you can improve your tools, software and techniques to provide an even better show.

Podcasts can generate revenue

Right now, if you press play on one of the many popular podcasts out there, you'll probably hear mention of sponsors.

So, if you have some great episodes available and you notice your audience is growing, it’s time to start planning how to monetize your content.

Differently from ads in TV or OOH that can be easily ignored by people, podcast ads are usually read by the host. Those ads can be different, authentic and interesting, as long they stay true to you brand voice.

Granted, if you had a podcast about pets, you probably wouldn't want to talk about sponsors like cosmetics that use animals in tests.

In a study made by Nielsen, podcasts ads generate up to 4.4x better brand awareness than other digital ads. In addition, 61% of consumers exposed to podcast ads are more likely to purchase the advertised product.

With a high engagement rate, podcasts have turned into a surprisingly effective ad placement.

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