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Defining targets with Facebook Audience Insight and Ad Library

Being a successful digital entrepreneur is the desire of many people who work on the internet, regardless of whether they are starting out now or already have experience in the online marketplace. But by taking into account that 92% of marketers advertise on Facebook, highly focusing in mobile marketing, to achieve the best results requires a lot of dedication and willingness to always be the best version of yourself.

In this scenario, one of the main differentials is to know the exact definition of your company’s persona so that your marketing actions are accurate and efficient. And for many, finding the right audience for an online campaign is one of the most common difficulties during the process of creating a new ad.

Therefore, to help you with this process, in this post we'll tell you how to use Facebook Audience Insights so that your creatives reach exactly who they meant to.

Also, since it’s important to keep an eye on what your competitors are running on social media as a bonus you’ll be introduced to the Facebook Ad Library. That way, you can get better insight into how they’re marketing to their target audience or get inspiration from brands you admire.

Audience Insight - The right ad to the right people

Facebook Audience Insights is a database-based benchmarking tool for all network users. With this tool, it is possible to find the main behavior and consumption trends and, thus, direct your ads effectively.

Among their options, you can collect data and make segmentations based on:

- Demographics: age, gender, marital status and occupation.

- Geographic: localization and language.

- Interests: lifestyle and subjects your audience is interested in.

By understanding each of these aspects, and how they relate with each other, you can than turn audiences into the customer persona of your dreams.

As a result, your ads can be designed to have varied messages between each audience to please them properly. Furthermore, by correctly determining your persona you can know what kind of creatives – video, text, gifs or other current media – are more productive.

Ad Library – The Marketing 007

Facebook Ad Library is a specific page where you can gather data about all ads published on the social network.

First, all you need to do is search for the name of a company registered on Facebook. Then, a list of ads will be show. From here, you can view the copy and creative of the ads.

Also, if you are searching for political advertisement, it’s possible to see more details about the selected ad, such as the location where it aired, how much money the buyer spent to run it, and the number of impressions it received.

In general, Ad Library it is an excellent way to see how brands are talking with their public. The tone of the conversation, if they use emojis or other type of media, the headlines, CtAs and most important, compare what they do in their A/B testing.

While at the first glance those ads won’t reveal the real audience targeting, looking at them more closely you can ascertain to whom the ad is talking. A more jovial copy may indicate that the ad is targeting a younger audience, while the use of terms as "your business" indicates it seeks for the attention of entrepreneurs.

Now that you know the power of these Facebook manager tools, make sure to take some time to explore them. As the Papprika’s marketing team learned, they can make a big difference and help you better shape your strategy.

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