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10 best iPhone games you should play

Focusing in delivering the ultimate experience, Apple continues to create iOS devices equipped with top notch style, cameras and, of course, hardware capable to run great games. And with mobile developers seeing this potential, you can easily assume that in the Play Store exist a seemingly endless amount of games for you to choose.

So, since it will be a shame if you missed some of them due to the process of looking manually, we select the top 10 iOS games you need to play right now. From casual to hardcore, you’ll find that one or even all games in the list will be perfect for you to jump right into some memorable moments.

Also, if stumble into this post and is an Android user, take a look in our post about the best games to download at the Google Play Store.

PUBG Mobile

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS was and continue to be a tremendous success since its launch. With a simple premise in the concept, leaving 100 players free to do whatever they want in a war zone, the game made Battle Royale fever go hot, spreading it to many other FPS titles.

Aided by the power and efficiency of Unreal Engine 4, PUBG parachutes into the mobile world, bringing HD graphics, 7.1 surround sound and immersive gameplay so you can have the PC version experience anywhere.

Price: Free (with IAPs)

Mario Kart Tour

Just like in the original franchise, in Mario Kart Tour you select characters that marked our childhood to take part in races through the Mushroom Kingdom. But adding to the formula, now each one of them have special abilities to help you get that deserved spot at the podium.

This way, Toad and Toadette can take extra uses of Triple Mushrooms, while Donkey Kong can throw a Giant Banana at the opponents.

And to add a little extra spice at the formula, the game also brings minigames at the end of each cup. By completing challenges like defeating a certain number of Goombas or staying in the air for the longest time, you’ll get extras rewards to upgrade vehicles and gliders.

Price: Free (with IAPs)

Dead Cells

Those who seek for the trill of an arduous challenge will be pleased by Dead Cells. In this roguelike heavily inspired by Castlevania Symphony of the Night, you start from beginning whenever you die.

But the far you manage to go in each playthrough, you get better at learning enemy patterns (hopefully) and more tools are unlocked. And since the progression is non-linear, with each new attempt you’ll face a different path, pushing even further your survival abilities.

Price: US$7.99 / R$29.90


In Hearthstone, alongside iconic characters from the World of Warcraft universe portrayed on hundreds of cards, you must face opponents in combat that require quick and accurate thinking.

With light-hearted and humorous dialogue, along with simple-to-learn mechanics and pop-up book-like scenarios, the game will quickly become a fun hobby in just a few moves.

Price: Free (with IAPs)

Idle Champions of The Forgotten Realm

When the multiverse is at risk, the only obvious option is to call you and the greatest heroes from the major Dungeons & Dragons RPG books and novels to take arms and cast some spells.

In Idle Champions, the strategy used in every adventure comes in how to tactically organize your team of heroes, since each own benefits himself and the rest of the group depending of his position in the field. So, after evaluating the roaster, you can ascertain, for example, that Evelyn, the Paladin, it’s a great option to take the front line and serve as a tank, while the small kobold Spurt will work better as a support from afar.

And since all combats are automatic, you can seat and relax during work hours, check your spoils from time to time and then change missions or select new heroes to train.

Price: Free (with IAPs)

Brawl Stars

Did you ever get yourself thinking what would happens if you mix the mechanics from Battle Royale, MOBA, Soccer and Tower Defense games? Well, Supercell has it. And the result is the Brawl Stars, where you team up with two friends in a series of quick games modes – Gem Grab, Heis, Showdown, Bounty, Brawl ball, Seige e Robo Rumble.

And every couple of hours those modes change, giving you something new to play whenever the game is launched. So, while some games maintain the same atmosphere and mechanics thought its life time, Brawl Stars bring to players a refresh in unique ways.

Price: Free (with IAPs)

The Escapists

Using all your ingenuity, as well as seemingly not-so-useful utensils, your goal is to find the best way to escape from every maximum security prison around the world.

Automatically, The Escapists grab you by the collar with its charming old-school graphics. But behind its pixelated art and clever dialogues, that’s a funny and challenging game which will take some right choices and many mistakes till you feel like a true master at the art of escaping.

Price: USS3.99 / R$18.99

Dream Daddy

Since everyone deserves love, start to think about some dad puns and find your soulmate in this dad date simulator. By going through conversations with the 7 dateable dads, that range in personality from Goth to Athlete and Nerd, a variety of responses and minigames will define the rate at which their love will follow your heart.

With multiple paths to follow and unique ending, this charming dating sim it’s sure to make you laugh a couple of times and even feel a tingle in the heart at some points.

Price: Free (with IAPs)

Reigns: Game of Thrones

While the journey of Cersei Lannister, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen have ended in the screens (and we don’t have a date to read it as it was intended from the beginning), pick you favorite side in Reigns: Game of Thrones and tend the needs of the people the best way possible.

At each quest, surprises can put your military, clerk, and banker at each other or even against you. So it’s necessary to think strategically at each step. The use of one card can have drastically repercussions in the Seven Kingdom.

Price: US$3.99 / R$14.90

Don’t Starve

To survive in the randomly generated maps of Don’t Starve, each day you’ll need the collect all sorts of materials. From sticks to berries, from grass to iron, each one is essential so you can endure the seasons and the creatures that lurk in the night.

But honestly, before you even came significantly close to the final boss (which can be completely ignored if you wish), you’ll die a lot in Don’t Starve. And that’s ok, ‘cause at each failure you’ll learn new strategies, how to properly use your tools and discover the best spots to build your base. The game it's brutal, but it’s also very rewarding.

Price: US$4.99 / R$18.90

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